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Hi, get to know us

Reality is what we create ourselves. Each of us is different, but we bring something very important to reality – our personality and potential. That’s why space should not limit any of us. We are experts, as well as enthusiasts of new solutions that we support to make the world around us accessible, friendly, and open to people with disabilities.

We help innovators and creative personalities who are not satisfied with how things are here and now. Thanks to their outside the box ideas, they want to facilitate the daily functioning of people with special needs. We believe in them because it is through their efforts that the quality of infrastructure, products, and social services improves. They are the engines of necessary changes.

If you feel that these words are about you – you are in the right place.

Who are we looking for?

Creative minds, social activists – people who like doing things for the common good.

Creative personalities who believe in their ideas.

Cohesive informal groups.

Organizations and institutions
(both non-governmental and public) operating in the field of accessibility.

What will happen?

1. You submit your idea
You choose one of the dates and submit your innovation for evaluation.

2. You receive a grant
We create the specification of your innovation.

3. We prepare you to implement the idea
You participate in workshops. You test the innovation on a micro scale.

4. Your idea reaches a wider audience
We help you with promotion.

Benefits for you

Advance payment for the start

Up to PLN 100,000 for an idea



Free consultations with experts

Specialized advice at every stage even before signing the contract

Work using Design Thinking and Agile methods

We have implemented



How do we
understand accessibility?

Accessibility is simply
a characteristic of products,
services, and spaces
that makes the world
around us accessible
to everyone.

Our innovations

We want to ensure that good ideas reach as many people who can benefit from them as possible. Even if your innovation seems like a small endeavor to you, it may contain tremendous potential. Let’s not waste it! With us, you can expand the reach of your efforts.

Innovations implemented on a broader scale

Model DOM

Comprehensive support for families of children during oncological treatment or after overcoming cancer, with the active involvement of the local community institutions.


Support for neurodivergent students
and their social and professional activation
in higher education institutions.

Do you want to submit your idea?

It will only take a few moments